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Torsten Winterberg


Torsten Winterberg works for Oracle Platinum Partner OPITZ CONSULTING. As a director of the competence center for integration and business process solutions he follows his passion to build the best delivery unit for customer solutions in the area of SOA and BPM. He has long-time experience as developer, coach and architect in the area of building complex mission critical Java EE applications. He is a known speaker in the German Java and Oracle communities and has written numerous articles on SOA/BPM related topics. Torsten is part of the Oracle ACE director team (ACE=Acknowledged Community Expert) and leads the DOAG middleware community.


  • A Look at Service-Driven Industry ModelsA Look at Service-Driven Industry Models
  • Cloud Computing and SOA
  • SOA and Business Processes: You are the Process!
  • MDM and SOA: Be Warned!
  • Event-Driven SOA
  • SOA in Real Life: Mobile Solutions
  • Understanding Service Compensation
  • Securing the SOA Landscape
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • SOA Maturity Alongside Contract Standardization
  • Canonizing a Language for Architecture: An SOA Service Category Matrix
  • Industrial SOA
  • SOA Blueprint: A Toolbox for Architects

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