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Rizwan Mallal

Rizwan Mallal


Rizwan Mallal is the Director at Crosscheck Networks.

Also, as the founding member and Chief Security Architect of Forum Systems, Rizwan is responsible for all security related aspects of Forum's technology.

Rizwan currently serves on the Advisory Board of Trlokom, a leading anti-malware security company focusing on rootkit detection and removal.

Previously, Rizwan was the Chief Architect at Phobos where he was responsible for developing the industry's first embedded SSL offloader. This product triggered Phobos's acquisition by Sonicwall (NASD: SNWL).

Before joining Phobos, he was member of the core engineering group at Raptor Systems which pioneered the Firewall/VPN space in the mid 1990s. Raptor after its successful IPO in 1996 was later acquired by Axent/Symantec (NASD:SYMC).

Rizwan started his career at Cambridge Technology Partners (acquired by Novell) where he was the technical lead in the client/server group. Rizwan has a BSc. in Computer Science from Albright College and MSc. in Computer Science from University of Vermont.


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