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Paul S. Prueitt


Professor Prueitt has taught mathematics, physics and computer science courses in the nation's community colleges or in universities or four-year colleges. He has served as Research Professor in Physics at Georgetown University and Research Professor of Computer Science at George Washington University. He has served as Associate Professor or Assistant Professor of Mathematics at HBCUs in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. Prueitt was co-director of an international research center at Georgetown University (1991-1994). He is a NSF reviewer and Principle Investigator. He served for over a decade as an independent consultant focused on information infrastructure, software platforms and intelligence algorithms. He has consulted on national intelligence software platforms and continues this work under private contracts.

His post Master's training in pure and applied mathematics focused on real analysis, topology and numerical analysis. His PhD, earned in 1988 from The University of Texas at Arlington, was developed using differential and difference equations as models of neural and immunological function. He has over forty-five publications in journals, books or as conference papers.

Motivated by a desire to understand the nature of the American educational crisis, he served for seven years at a Historical Black College or University, or at an open door minority serving institution. He currently teaches mathematics learning support courses, in Atlanta, using a deep learning method. The method uses four steps to bring mathematics learning support students to a college level understanding. The method is motivated from a study of behavioral neuroscience and properties of immune response mechanisms.


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