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Mario Mesaglio

Mario Mesaglio


Mario has worked since he was nineteen, and his first job was in a Telco SOA Software Factory. Two and a half years later, he climbed to a technical leadership position in the very same factory, and took charge of its management and methodology.

One year and a half later, he attained an SOA Consultant position and has been doing SOA-related consulting projects since, regarding subjects from SOA Enterprise Maturity, Architecture & Governance System Definition, to technical leadership and general service technology technical assistance.

Mario is currently working as the SOA Practice Lead and Consultant for Globallogic, with a total of six years of experience in the field. His main business-line specialization is in the Insurance domain, but he has also worked in Telco, Retail, Healthcare, and Public Services.

He's passionate about service-orientation, vendor-neutral architecture and design standard definition, and very fond of teaching. He has been coaching and preaching on service-oriented methodology for two years now, producing a lot of related material along the way.

Mario does not have a college degree, as he has applied himself 24/7 to his work since he started. Being an electronic technician and having studied two years of Electronic Engineering, he has been training himself in what is now his specialty: service-orientation, SOA, and Service Oriented Computing.

His main career goal is to help define new industry-wide SOA Design Patterns, best practices, standards, etc., and to become a main representative of the overall service-orientation methodology.


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