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Larry Guger


Formerly the .NET Skills Leader for Online Business Systems corporate, Larry Guger took the role of Practice Director for Microsoft in 2006, working out of the Portland office. In this role he maintains and communicates best practices as well as develops deep technical delivery capabilities with Microsoft technologies while always staying ahead of the technology curve coming out of Redmond.

Larry has been working with the .NET Framework for client organizations since late 2001, shortly before the final release of .NET 1.0. His dedication to Microsoft technologies has proven itself in the form of two invitations from Microsoft to join exclusive partner groups, the Visual Studio Team System Inner Circle and the Connected Technologies Advisors.

Larry has been evangelizing Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server since it was first released to the public in 2006. Larry's keen interest in process and methodology couples extremely well with the vision Microsoft holds for Visual Studio Team System and Application Lifecycle Management.

Larry holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba, Canada and is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for both Team Foundation Server and BizTalk Server.


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