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Joe Labbe


Joe Labbe is the CEO of web services integration company RatchetSoft, LLC. Mr. Labbe is responsible for defining the company's go to market strategy and oversees the delivery of its client services.

Further, he is also responsible for developing and marketing RatchetSoft's revolutionary web services desktop integration product, Ratchet-X.

Prior to RatchetSoft, Mr. Labbe was the founder and CEO of web services firm Primordial, where he brought to market the industry's first commercial web service management product, WSBANG.

Prior to the founding of Primordial, Mr. Labbe was a strategy consultant and head of business development for internet consultancy USWeb/CKS, where he was responsible for delivering strategic technology solutions to the firm's major clients.

Mr. Labbe came to USWeb in 1996 as a result of its acquisition of the software development and systems integration firm he founded in 1989, Synergetix Systems.

Mr. Labbe is a founding member of, an industry organization dedicated to furthering the concept of Web Services Distribution Channels.

He can be reached at:


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