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Jack van Hoof

Jack van Hoof


Jack van Hoof (born in The Netherlands, 1954) has extensive practical experience and knowledge in all aspects and roles of application development.

He started as a programmer in early 1977 and subsequently held positions as Systems Analyst, Application Designer, Data Modeler, Business Information Analyst, and IT Consultant.

Jack has led a number of application development teams and has worked for IBM, the Dutch Defense, a banking institution, the local government, and several other organizations.

Jack is currently employed as an Enterprise Integration Architect at Dutch Railways where he advises on modern technologies, standards, and patterns to increase IT maturity with regard to business applications and application infrastructure, specifically in the areas of SOA, EDA, ESB and portals.

Jack's interests lie in IT technology trends and innovation; combined with three decades of extensive practical experience makes Jack a credible IT visionary. He maintains a blog where he publishes his thoughts on SOA and EDA:

Jack can be reached at:


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