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Ivan Alfonso Guarin


Ivan Alfonso Guarin V. is a Systems Engineer and Magister on Informatics, with extensive experience as independent consultant on interoperability and integration on business and IT. He has worked on different projects like banking, public services, enterprise architecture, international and national standards, from public and private organizations. Also, He is working now as project manager for advanced projects introducing new IT topics from Software engineering, SOA, cloud computing, BPM, Enterprise Architecture; by the way, He has been invited as speaker for national and international events, and teaching different topics at major universities. Besides, He works with different technical groups like XML, XBRL, SOA, and standards on financial and educational systems. Besides, he also had been working on standardization technical groups and process for e-government standards. (See With his partner, Sandra Milena Barón N., expert for Organizational Agility, The Art of Negotiation and Business Modeling in large projects, compressed two world-leading experts on Business and IT projects (see


  • The French-Translated SOA Manifesto & Annotated SOA Manifesto
  • The Spanish-Translated SOA Manifesto & Annotated SOA Manifesto

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