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Ilkay Benian

Ikay Benian


Ilkay Benian, a Principal Consultant and Technical Architect at Netsoft USA Inc, holds a BS degree on Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has over 14 years of industry experience on computer software systems.

Ilkay has worked in large scale ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and forms processing projects like 1997 Turkish Census Project for Statistics Institute of State, and Tax Forms Processing Project for the Ministry of Finance of Turkey. He undertook mission critical analysis, development and integration tasks. He led R&D; team at Link Bilgisayar, a well known ISV in Turkey and is the author of the first Turkish text-to-speech synthesizer.

Ilkay joined Netsoft USA in 2003 and took various positions from senior software developer to technical architect. He has architected Netsoft USA Framework and developed the core components of it creating a valuable asset that contributes to the competitive strength of the company. He also developed the SOCF (Simple Object Collaboration Framework,

He is still working as a principal consultant contributing to multiple simultaneous projects at Netsoft USA and specializes on the application of OO, CBD, SOA methodologies, frameworks, DSLs, code generators primarily on .NET platform. He also has experience on MQ and XMS messaging technologies to integrate with IBM WebSphere platform.


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