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Danilo Schmiedel

Danilo Schmiedel


Danilo Schmiedel is one of the leading BPM and SOA System Architects at OPITZ CONSULTING. He has been involved in large integration-, business processes automation and BPM / SOA development projects where he implemented solutions for various customers. His main field of interest is focused on the practical use of BPM and SOA on a large scale. Additionally he works as BPM and SOA project coach. Danilo is a frequent speaker in the German Java and Oracle communities and has written numerous articles about the above topics. Before joining OPITZ CONSULTING Danilo worked as Software Engineer in several international projects. The Leipzig University of Applied Science has awarded his outstanding reputation in 2009.


  • Cloud Computing and SOA
  • SOA and Business Processes: You are the Process!
  • MDM and SOA: Be Warned!
  • Event-Driven SOA
  • SOA in Real Life: Mobile Solutions
  • Understanding Service Compensation
  • Securing the SOA Landscape
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • SOA Maturity Alongside Contract Standardization
  • Canonizing a Language for Architecture: An SOA Service Category Matrix
  • Industrial SOA
  • SOA Blueprint: A Toolbox for Architects

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