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Integration – The Blockchain 'Killer Usecase' – Part I

Benedikt Herudek

Benedikt Herudek

There is an interesting feature of the Bitcoin protocol that doesn't receive the attention we should attribute to it. Bitcoin is able to integrate and have endpoints (in Bitcoin terminology 'wallets' and 'miners') seamlessly talk to each other in a large and dynamic network. Anyone can easily setup a wallet and within minutes will be able to interact with other members of the network. That cannot be taken for granted. Take a typical Enterprise for example at a Telecommunications company. Within their enterprise network you will find a large amounts of disparate sometimes small, often large Application like CRM, Billing which need to talk to each other, for example to exchange customer sales orders. Making these application talk to each other is a huge problem: Check the top X lists why large IT projects fail, you will find Application Integration issues. Search for Enterprise Service Bus or Middleware and you...

Know the Difference: Reusability vs. Reuse – Part II

Mario Mesaglio

Mario Mesaglio

This is the second part of a two-part article series. The first part is published at Know the Difference: Reusability vs. Reuse – Part I. In this final chapter, some different approaches on how to promote reuse from a reusable solution will be presented. The scenarios taken as support for these approaches will be of the most generic nature, so to increase their applicability and understandability. John Doe is sitting in a room with a huge desk in front of him and a pen sitting on top. A second person comes into the room and asks John: "Can you sign me this document here?" John takes the pen, signs the document and hands the paper to them. One hour later, a third person asks for John to sign a different document. After revision, John complies. John starts playing with the desk drawers and finds the personal seal given to him by...

The Rapid Development of Solutions using XP – Part II

Tahere Jahangiri, Amid Khatibi Bardsiri

Tahere Jahangiri

Amid Khatibi Bardsiri

This is the second part of a two-part article series. The first part is published at The Rapid Development of Solutions using XP – Part I. This work presents a proposal of using XP for service development in an SOA environment. For this purpose, in this section we go through each SOA principle and present how each XP practice can be used to support that SOA principle. Afterwards, we analyze the SOA complexities and how the XP practices can be used to tackle them. Our goal is to define the guidelines and best practices for creating an effective Service Agile Development approach. In the following subsections, we present how SOA principles can be supported by XP. All stakeholders, including customers, service providers, service consumers and brokers, should understand the Metaphor that will guide the development and the Planning Game. To understand the metaphor, propose to perform several meetings (planning games) among...

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