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API Management Introduction and Principles

Vijay Alagarasan

Vijay Alagarasan

This article is focused on providing solutions for common problems faced by large enterprises implementing SOA when they try to transform digitally as the market demands. It covers pain points commonly faced by such enterprises, and how API management product capabilities can be used to eliminate issues. In addition, the article also provides a set of principles to keep in mind when implementing API management for an enterprise. Today, enterprises that have adopted SOA in the past want their information assets and capabilities exposed without any boundaries as they transform digitally. Change at the speed of innovation drives enterprises to be flexible, adaptable, and accessible, with varying levels of security. Product development teams are aimed to get the new products into the market within a few weeks, and are prepared to fail fast and go back. On the other hand, service providers are trying to meet those new demands and timelines. Large enterprises are desired to transform digitally and improve their agility in responding to market feedback. They want to get new features into the market within a week or so, just like startups. Enterprises want their minimal viable product (MVP) out before their competitors...

Password Management: History, Costs, Problems and Pain Points, and Solutions

Dean Weich

Dean Weich

Everyone in the business world uses passwords. Whether you are a bank teller logging into several applications to assist customers, a fast food service worker logging into the register, or a nurse or doctor accessing patient information, chances are you do so with a user name and password. Organizations and businesses of all sizes use credentials for their employees to "ensure" security of the information in their systems. This means from time to time, or with some regularity, they incur problems with these passwords. Whether it needs to be reset, or employees are spending a great deal of time entering passwords for multiple applications or they are not able to remember them, passwords are crucial to keeping your network secure but they frequently cause numerous issues. As passwords have evolved over time, so have the problems that we have with them. The first passwords were created in the 1960s for MIT's Compatible Time-Sharing System. Passwords were first used because several users needed to access the system as unique different entities. Each user created a password, which were then stored on the computer system, since hacking did not exist at the time. Program leaders soon learned this method of storage...

A Methodology for Identifying Candidate Services
and Compositions

Stanley Ramalho Lima, Ruben Cruz Huacarpuma

Stanley Ramalho Lima

Ruben Cruz Huacarpuma

The use of a methodological development can bring several benefits to an organization, such as continuous improvement, easiness of system maintenance, and reduction of dependence on key persons. For a system based on SOA to obtain the expected benefits, the principles known from traditional software engineering need to be adapted to service-oriented development. Systematic approaches to the design, development and maintenance of service-oriented systems are necessary. The application of SOA means using services to express business processes where the size of the service granularity directly affects the quality of service that includes many aspects, such as coupling, autonomy, cohesion, modularity, etc. It is proposed in this work, a methodology for service identification, candidate to compose an SOA application. The proposal consists of two stages: the first is the identification of services through multiple activities, where the designer must list the candidate services based on two methods: component-based and database-service. Within this list of potential...

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