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Defining Business Services: SOA from a Corporate Perspective

Robin Chen

Robin Chen

This is the first of two articles that document and explore guidelines and principles for defining "business services" to help clarify the confusion and arbitrariness surrounding "services" in general. Services encapsulating business logic in particular are explained as these tend to realize the greatest value when positioning a service-oriented IT enterprise in support of and in alignment with an organization's business. The overall purpose of this article is to confirm that when applied from a business perspective, SOA really can make a difference to the enterprise...

Watch Your SOA Blind Spots: A Checklist for Testing Web Services

Mamoon Yunus and Rizwan Mallal

Mamoon Yunus Rizwan Mallal

Web services testing techniques have been around for some time. However, with the increased utilization of Web services within service-oriented solutions, the demands and complexities placed on Web services are being taken to a new level. This is in sharp contrast to traditional RPC applications and integration architectures wherein the role of Web services was typically limited to point-to-point data exchanges. Now, Web services find themselves being reused across multiple service compositions and in the midst of dynamic and sophisticated runtime service activities and chains. This article raises a series of testing issues and provides recommended techniques and remedies for establishing robust Web services-based SOA implementations...

Software Pipelines in the Real World: Two SOA Performance Case Studies

Cory Isaacson

Cory Isaacson

Performance of service-oriented business applications is a constant concern and one that has led architects and developers to investigate a variety of architectural design options. This, the second in a series of articles, explores one such option in detail by showing how the software pipelines technology and methodology can be leveraged in real world scenarios. Two case study examples are provided, each utilizing software pipelines in a different business context and each exploring different aspects of the software pipelines technology platform. This article further contrasts this approach to SOA performance optimization with traditional methods...

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