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Issue XLIV, October - November 2010

Using Extended Enterprise Services to
Avoid the IT Pitfalls from the 90s

Henrik Hvid Jensen

Henrik Hvid Jensen

Companies are ready to start benefitting from the third stage of commercial use of the Internet. The third stage offers a new channel for the Business Partner, and has the potential to change the competitive landscape of an industry. This stage is often called the Integration Stage. In this stage companies can take the lead by understanding and benefitting from the internet's full potential. This stage will change the internet from primarily supplying content through a homepage to primarily supplying automatic business functionality as services directly in the internal tools Business Partner's employees' use. However, many companies do not understand the potential consequence of their competitive situation and leave it to the IT-department to utilise the technology. The IT-department has kidnapped the stages external potential and has focused its potential on internal efficiency purposes, keeping it captured in the machine room. [The communications stage] is about transforming communication with customers and increasing the size of the markets you can reach. Users can go online and interact...

Cloud Computing Interview Series:
Anthony Assi, Naveen Gabrani and Herbjorn Wilhelmsen

Amy Chou


This article features dialogues from the International SOA & Cloud Symposium podcast series. The interviews focus on cloud computing related topics, each guest offering their own unique perspective on the industry. Anthony discusses his research in cloud computing and where he sees it headed, as well as his co-authorship with the upcoming book "SOA and Cloud Computing". Naveen from discusses issues such as the lack of industry standards, different definitions of cloud computing, and the educational value of vendor neutrality. Herbjorn Wilhelmsen from the Forefront Consulting Group covers a range of topics, including how cloud computing began, how it's evolved since it's first conception and where it is heading. Another important point he discusses is SOA in relation to cloud computing. Check out these cloudy discussions with the International Cloud Symposium's very own contributors. This podcast features Anthony Assi, program committee member for the Cloud Symposium, and a senior cloud computing consultant from Logica...

SOA Pioneer Interview Series:
Toufic Boubez, Dimitri Sirota, and Linda Terlouw

Toufic Boubez, Dimitri Sirota, Ir. Linda Terlouw

Toufic Boubez
Dimitri Sirota Linda Terlouw

This article features interviews from the International SOA & Cloud Symposium podcast series. These dialogues focus on SOA related topics, each guest is a pioneer in their own special fields. Dimitri discusses his research in cloud computing and where he sees it headed, as well as his co–authorship with the upcoming book "SOA and Cloud Computing". Toufic discusses the relationship between SOA and the cloud, as well as issues like the possible return of the silo, in the form of choosing different cloud providers. Linda covers a range of topics, including her current research on SOA and BPM related subjects, new techniques and methodology, and some of her own exciting projects. Check out these very interesting discussions with the International SOA Symposium's very own contributors. Toufic Boubez from SOA Systems joins today's podcast as we cover important topics like: SOA security, cloud security, his talk on "The New Silos...", and his post–conference SOA Security Specialist Workshop with SOA School. This edition features Dimitri Sirota, speaker at this year's symposium and co–founder of Layer 7 Technologies. The interview probes a number of topics, including: Layer 7 Technologies and current innovations they are working on, Dimitri's presentation "The Rise of APIs"...

Announcing the Russian-Translated
SOA Manifesto & Annotated SOA Manifesto

Leonid Felikson

Leonid Felikson

Following the release of the Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, and French translated versions of the SOA Manifesto and Annotated SOA Manifesto, another version has been added to the growing list of available languages. Leonid Felikson, a Russian-speaking SOA expert, has produced fully translated versions of the SOA Manifesto and the Annotated SOA Manifesto. Leonid delivered several keynotes at the 6th International Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Moscow discussing the importance of the SOA Manifesto to the IT community. His talks, held in Russian, referenced this newly translated version. Visit the Russian-translated pages here:

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