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Service Elicitation: Defining the Conceptual Service

Cyrille Thilloy

Cyrille Thilloy

Fundamental to any SOA delivery project is the definition of services. More specifically, the ability to define what constitutes a service and how logic should be partitioned and represented across a collection of services. The ambitious goal of SOA to achieve unity between business and technology domains further makes service definition a critical step along a typical SOA roadmap. This is the second article in a series dedicated to exploring the functional side of SOA. It provides several ways to describe a service as part of a stage called "service elicitation" - essentially, the process of extracting services from business knowledge...

SOA and EDA: Using Events to Bridge Decoupled Service Boundaries

Jack van Hoof

Jack van Hoof

The distinction between service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA) can be traced to message patterns. Understanding the implications of common exchange patterns, such as request-and-reply and publish-and-subscribe, helps determine both fundamental differences and commonality in these two complementary architectural models. It is appropriate and desirable to use the acronyms "SOA" and "EDA" to make this distinction, because both of these architectural styles are positioned in the same domain; SOA focusing on the decomposition of business functions and EDA focusing on business events. This article explores the differences between these models and specifically studies how EDA patterns can be used to connect decoupled service domains within SOA implementations...

SOA and the Emergence of Business Technology: How Business Services are Changing the IT Landscape

Farzin Yashar and Robert Laird

Farzin Yashar
Robert Laird

Presenting the new podcast series from the International SOA & Cloud Symposium, featuring interviews with some of the SOA Magazine's very own contributors. Art describes the evolution of the SOA & Cloud Symposium and his experience being the conference chair. The discussion delves into Art's role as a partner at Ordina, his work as a principle consultant and his upcoming books and projects. Art also talks about the conception of the SOA Manifesto, the maturity of SOA, best practices, and more. Another edition discusses BPM, BPMN, and SOA with SOA expert Volker Stiehl, a member of the solutions management team from SAP AG. Volker explains the essential distinction of BPMN from BPM, and the relationship between SOA and BPM as such. In the next interview, Stefan talks about the impact and buzz around RESTful services and SOA, his invlovement in the new "SOA with REST" book and as a committe member and speaker at this years SOA & Cloud Symposium. Stefan will be speaking on "RESTful HTTP: Using the Web for SOA" and will be participating in the "Revisiting the SOA Manifesto" and "Rest Services vs. Web Services - A Live Debate" panels...

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