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Issue XXXIII, October 2009

Preventing SOA Failures: A Revealing Interview
About Effective SOA Governance

David Berry, Mike Van Alst

David Berry
Mike Vanalst

Governance requires collaboration. In order for projects to be considered a success, governance is an absolute must - this is particularly true of SOA projects. In this article we combined a number of common mistakes and remarks from a range of IT architects to illustrate and highlight common and critical governance issues. This article presents these issues in a mock interview with a fictional IT architect. All the examples in the interview are based on real-world experiences. I work for a midsize local government. We have about 15,000 employees in 12 departments. I am the lead architect, responsible for architecture and governance. Driven by a real need for agility in our business processes, we embarked on a journey toward a service-oriented architecture about five years ago. One of the first things we did was create a company architecture (often referred to as a reference architecture) which would define the overall architecture for the next few years. The component architecture described all the different (generic) components we expected to need in the next few ...

Enterprise SOA Governance in a Product Organization

Stuart Kerrigan, Richard van Schelven

Stuart Kerrigan
Richard van Schelven

Transforming an organization and leveraging the possibilities of a service-oriented enterprise approach is a huge challenge. Notwithstanding the organizational impact, businesses find themselves moving away from monolithic applications and start to deal more with ubiquitous services which has huge consequences on IT organizations. Thankfully, there exists an array of literature, websites, articles and books by IT-practitioners dedicated to this subject. Unfortunately however, these resources mostly deal with it from one perspective and that is that of the procuring organizations, i.e. organizations that utilize IT capabilities to deliver on business goals...

SOA Governance, How Best To Embrace It
Part I: Introduction to Enterprise, IT and SOA Governance

Farzin Yashar

Farzin Yashar

With immense projected growth, the Government must modernize its IT systems. Air traffic will double or even triple in the next twenty years, the number of retirees will double throughout the States, infrastructure will boom, the population will skyrocket, and under such pressures, the legacy systems will surely collapse, and if no action is taken, problems will abound. Some government agencies have considered Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the most effective means to address this dire issue. Moving to SOA, however, entails substantial challenges...

A Case Study on SOA and Process:Integrating E-Gov Travel Services with Federal Agency Financial Systems - Part II

Jian "Jeff" Zhong

Jian Jeff Zhong

In part I of the article, I have described the first four steps of an eight-step SOA development methodology with a focus on architecture, design and abstract thought process. In part II, I will continue to discuss the last four steps concentrating on Web service development, deployment, tests and management. I will then benchmark the case study against industry SOA principles, summarize lessons learned from this real world project and finally share with readers about my considerations for future SOA engagement and practices. After reading both parts, readers should have a complete understanding about SOA strategies, tactics and concrete implementations...

Introducing the SOA Manifesto

"The SOA Manifesto Working Group"

SOA Manifesto Working Group

Following 10 months of on-and-off planning and dialog and the efforts of 17 working group members, the official manifesto for service-oriented architecture and service-orientation was finalized and announced on October 23, 2009 at the 2nd International SOA Symposium in Rotterdam. Visit to view the declaration as represented by a set of core values and guiding principles for realizing those values. You can show your support for the SOA Manifesto by registering on this site as a signatory...

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