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Issue XIV March 2008

Next-Generation Grid-Enabled SOA: Not Your MOM's Bus

David Chappell, David Berry

David Chappell David Berry

It has already been documented how SOA grids can be used to break the convention of stateless-only services for scalability and high availability (HA) by allowing stateful conversations to occur across multiple service requests, whether between disparate service boundaries or load-balanced groups of cloned service instances. In this article we will challenge traditional applications of MOM for achieving high levels of QoS when sharing data between services in an ESB. We will further compare and contrast a state-based, in-memory storage and notification model, and investigate the intelligent co-location of processing logic with or near its grid data in large payload scenarios. Finally, we will also explain when to substitute an SOA Grid for existing MOM technologies as driven by the question: "If you have an SOA grid that can reliably hold application state data and the necessary systems can access it, why continue to utilize conventional messaging?" ...

A Strategic Approach to SOA: Using Pilot Projects and Effective Disciplines to Ensure Successful Adoption and Governance

Mark LaJeunesse, Avrami Tzur

Mark LaJeunesse Avrami Tzur

Organizations without a sound strategy for SOA adoption risk being outpaced and outperformed by competitors who are better equipped to serve customers, seize opportunities, and respond to change. While SOA brings new challenges that must be addressed and new complexities that must be managed, when done right, SOA can accelerate growth and mitigate risk, ultimately delivering significant competitive advantages. This article raises important considerations and describes key steps to ensuring the successful adoption and governance of SOA via strategic planning. It explores how pilot projects can be effectively utilized to help phase SOA into enterprises to demonstrate value and inspire stakeholders. This is then further supplemented with descriptions of proven governance disciplines that, when applied help extend the functions and prolong the lifespan of service-oriented environments...

Defining Operational Services: How SOA Can Help Realize a Role-Based Organization

Robin Chen, Walter Blaschuk

Robin Chen David Berry

In this article intended primarily for business analysts, we introduce the "operational service", a conceptual service that represents a certain type of business activity that can be performed by a human or an automated system. We explore various additional types of related services, servicing channels, and recommended application processes that can all be used to support the adoption of operational services and to further position the tasks represented by operational services with the ultimate goal of establishing a role-based organization wherein roles correspond to the humans and systems responsible for carrying the operational service tasks...

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