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Issue XIII March 2008

Ten Ways to Identify Services

Jan-Willem Hubbers, Art Ligthart, Linda Terlouw

David Chappell Art Ligthart Linda Terlouw

SOA is increasingly becoming an unavoidable part of project delivery for many organizations. It is therefore high time that practitioners avoid the dangerous practice of creating ad-hoc services and begin following proven industry principles and methods. In this article we discuss ten approaches for identifying services. The intention is for this list to become an effective starting point for service definition, alleviating project teams from the longwinded discussions about granularity, feeling, intuition and craftsmanship that have historically been part of initial service delivery phases. This collection of methods is the result of research. Therefore, it is important to understand that even though some have become established industry practices, there are still pitfalls and trade-offs that need to be taken into consideration...

Services as Web Services: Are We There Yet? How Web Service Technology Stacks Alone Cannot Fulfill the Goals of SOA

David Webber

David Webber

All too often developers and architects focus on the technology of Web services when exploring options for how to realize SOA. Various technology stacks have emerged, listing and combining recommended Web services standards and extensions into frameworks that promise to provide everything needed to realize true service-orientation. While a fundamental consideration, these frameworks can be misleading in their scope and in their role as part of a "true" SOA initiative. This article challenges the importance of Web services technology stacks and highlights what they tend to miss and what you should take into consideration when planning your SOA project...

SOA Design Patterns The International Community Review of SOA Patterns and Pattern Languages

Thomas Erl

SOA Pattern

Sixty design patterns and two pattern languages for SOA and service-orientation have been published for an industry-wide review at, a new Web site that will remain a community resource for SOA patterns. The final version of the SOA pattern catalog will be published in the upcoming book "SOA Design Patterns" ( Anyone can participate in this review via online feedback forms and SOA practitioners are invited to submit their own design patterns as well. Pattern candidates are also welcome and are being published in a separate part of the site subject to on-going reviews...

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