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Issue XII March 2008

SOA Pioneers Interview Series: Intel Chief Architect Steve Birkel on SOA Practices and Intel's SOA Adoption

Steve Birkel

Steve Birkel

Intel recently moved from a multi-year SOA pilot project to a larger-scale SOA adoption initiative. In an exclusive interview with The SOA Magazine, Intel Chief IT Technical Architect Steve Birkel discusses challenges and lessons learned and explains some of the approaches used by Intel IT to achieve high levels of ROI through repeated reuse. Steve further reveals Intel's strategic SOA vision and how the SOA movement has even influenced the manner in which Intel is designing the next generation of its microprocessors...

Smart Enough for SOA: Incorporating Enterprise Decision Management into Service Design

James Taylor

James Taylor

Enterprise decision management is a design approach that advocates the centralization and dynamic application of business rules for the creation of "smart enough systems" comprised of intelligent decisions services. This article introduces smart enough systems and explores how the decision service model can be architecturally positioned to abstract business rules in support of a larger service inventory. Also provided are guidelines for choosing the right type of decision logic to abstract...

Processes as Services: Contract Design for Services that Encapsulate WS-BPEL Process Definitions

Yuli Vasiliev

SOA Pattern

Now that WS-BPEL 2.0 has become a ratified industry standard, it is making its way into the IT mainstream and is therefore becoming important to the design of SOA implementations comprised of Web services. This article provides an exploration of the design of WSDL definitions for Web services required to encapsulate WS-BPEL process logic. Because SOA advocates a "contract first" approach to the design of services, understanding the unique service contract design consideration raised by WS-BPEL is a key success factor to building effective process and task services...

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