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Checking up on the Standards: Introducing the Big SOA Grid

Robert Schneider, Chris Riley

Rob Schneider

Chris Riley

Architects and developers attempting to design, implement, and maintain a Web services-based service-oriented architecture face a bewildering array of standards and specifications. To make matters worse, these guidelines are managed by different standards bodies, and sponsored by an ever-changing array of vendors. Finally, they all continually evolve over time, adding extra complexity to the equation. The Big SOA Grid is our humble attempt at providing a comprehensive, up-to-date snapshot of all the major standards that you need to be aware of when planning or maintaining your service-oriented enterprise...

Beyond IT: Exploring the Business Value of SOA

Richard Tews

Richard Tews

SOA has been a prominent topic of discussion in the IT world for years now. But what has raised eyebrows is how hot of a buzzword it has also become in the business communities. As most already know, SOA promises service-orientation, a new paradigm that will make adding new functionality to software as simple as connecting Lego building blocks... relatively speaking of course. The increased levels of agility now in reach with SOA will clearly affect the way organizations conduct business. The key is in understanding how SOA actually contributes business value...

Software Pipelines Theory: Understanding and Applying Concurrent Processing

Cory Isaacson

Cory Isaacson

The concept of software pipelines was developed as a methodology to enable service-oriented business solutions to implement concurrency while maintaining order of execution priorities and simplicity of application development. In order to effectively apply this methodology, it is helpful to have a solid understanding of its underlying principles. This article focuses on software pipelines law and rules and discusses the challenges and opportunities when they are applied to services-based business applications...

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