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SOA - Ready for Primetime: The Next-Generation, Grid-Enabled Service-Oriented Architecture

David Chappell and David Berry

David Chappell

David Berry

This article covers some of the key technologies that have emerged to address common SOA scalability requirements, such as mid-tier caching, load balancing, and high availability (HA) through service-level grid enablement in support of building out high performance SOA implementations. Collectively, these infrastructure components are referred to as the "SOA grid," providing enterprise IT professionals with much-needed support for enabling enforceable service-level agreements (SLAs) across entire service portfolios, including Web services, messaging, custom enterprise system applications, and legacy mainframes...

SOA Realization through Service Virtualization

Chris Madrid

Chris Madrid

The concept of virtualization is being widely embraced throughout enterprises and their collective data centers. The benefits are undeniable: resources are more highly utilized, flexibility gains result in quicker times to market; and an opportunity emerges for increased visibility by leveraging hooks in the abstraction layer. By applying virtualization to services, organizations can start to realize the potential that SOA has offered but has been challenged to deliver. This article will discuss a proven approach to service virtualization and will demonstrate it via a case study wherein a company faces common real world challenges as they adopt Web services and service-orientation...

SOA and the Importance of XQuery

Carlo Innocenti

Carlo Innocenti

The fundamental goal of SOA is to facilitate business-level software modularity and allow for rapid reuse of application and data logic, enabling the enterprise to be responsive and agile. The XQuery language has become an integral technology for connecting heterogeneous data sources within service-oriented solutions. It's a natural fit for the typical XML data interchange format used in most SOA implementations and it provides powerful, cross-repository data access features without compromising scalability or performance. This article explores how the XQuery feature-set can be leveraged in support of SOA...

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